Welcome to the Save Alan Richardson WikiEdit

This wiki is for the "Save Alan Richardson" Alternate Reality Game. The author is currently unknown and the ARG seems to currently be in it's Second Third "ARC"

Fun Facts

Accumulated Amount of ARG Views Sage's Threads have received on WH:

19,306 (As of 2/1/12)

Accumulated Amount of ARG Replies Sage's Threads have received on WH:

916 (As of 2/1/12)

Estimated Amount of Active Players:

17 (As of 2/1/12)

(Alternate Reality Chapter). All information about doing certain actions and their effects will be put up here as well as any updates from the author. If you wish to contribute anything let me (CursedGaara) know. The current ways to "Play" the ARG is through the "Within Hubris" forum (The origin of the infamous BEN ARG) or through the ARG's Forum which is also currently intertwined in ARC 2. Also i'm not very organized and this is my first time making a wiki so to see every article on this wiki simply go to Top Catergories on the purple bar above and there will be a list of all the articles on this wiki.


Important News and UpdatesEdit

01/24/12 - There was an Out-of-Canon post by "Sage" a few days ago. It was a thank you post and a few hints and Q & A in the post. It can be found Here.

01/24/12 - A New post on "within hubris" from Sage. Originally containing a download link to "Song of Perishing".mp3. Click Here

01/26/12 - Another new post by Sage. It seems.....Threatening

01/30/12 - OoC Post by the author Click Here

02/01/12 - A New Post on

02/14/12 - New Post on Within Hubris: C:/

07/01/12 - Sage creates a new thread on Within Hubris entitled "Suthdgeng", restarting the ARG.

??/??/12 - ARG was announced to be cancelled on an unknown date, aswell as Within Hubris being destroyed and moving to a new forum which can't be used.

Important SectionsEdit

There are a few pages on this wiki that you should refer to if you are a player in SAR. Here is a list. Eventually some way into the next ARC A guide will be created for players on this wiki. Here is the list:

  1. Alan Richardson
  2. Songs and Effects
  3. Sage
  4. ARC 1
  5. ARC 2

Latest activityEdit

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